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Tim Sommer is an American musician, record producer, former Atlantic Records A R representative, and VH1 VJ. In October 2012, Ian Owens announced his resignation[4] and later joined Soul'd Out Quartet,[5] and Paul Harkey joined as the new bass singer. Duncan later sang bass for Canton Junction. Tim Duncan Bass singer, Tim Duncan, is a self-described "quartet man" and he has fans across the globe who agree, evidenced by the Singing News Fan Award for Best Bass he was awarded the first year he was nominated (2006). In 2009, the group released a new Christmas album, Every Light That Shines At Christmas. He has a unique style of singing that has been influenced by his upbringing in the church. it was announced that Gordon Mote would be the group's piano player during their Get Away Jordan summer tour supporting their album Get Away, Jordan released in January 2007. It will be interesting to see what fans think of the new album once it is released. According to Forbes, Tim Duncan will have a net worth of $1 billion by 2022. Ernie Haase and Signature Sound (EHSS) is an American Christian band founded in 2002 by Ernie Haase, a former member of the Cathedral Quartet. In October 2009 a new Christmas album, the group's second such album, was released entitled Every Light That Shines at Christmas. if (document.MAX_used != ',') document.write ("&exclude=" + document.MAX_used); On December 28, 2009, Ernie announced that Ryan Seaton was leaving the quartet to pursue other interests and that former Karen Peck and New River lead/tenor Devin McGlamery would be joining as the new lead singer, and they released A Tribute to the Cathedral Quartet in October 2010. This was released in late October 2008 and was filmed in Chicago, at the Navy Pier Ballroom. Includes Singer AutoPunch Software, Singer Hyperfont Software, Singer Photostitch . He holds the Guinness World Record for both the "lowest note produced by a human" and the "widest vocal range". The cantons were formed in the late medieval period as military districts and were in charge of protecting specific stretches of the Swiss frontier. Artist Send message Hi! He has a strong following of fans who appreciate his powerful voice and moving lyrics. Canton Junctions quartet performs in a wide range of styles, including gospel music. When four guys that care deeply about that only good things can happen., Duncan adds, We want you to keep an eye on us so that youll really listen and hone in to the lyrics of the new songs on the record. In 2007, Roy Webb left the group to tend to his fathers dying wish, and the group remains intact. [CDATA[ The groups musical style is also representative of many roads merging into one. Tim Duncan Bass singer, Tim Duncan, is a self-described "quartet man" and he has fans across the globe who agree, evidenced by the Singing News Fan Award for Best Bass he was awarded the first year he was nominated (2006). The Cathedral Quartet was led by Ernest Ernest Haase between 1989 and 1999. He name was London Parris who had become famous while singing bass with the Blackwood Brothers Quartet. They are thriving and as Tim Duncan says, the sky is the limit! He picked the key and I said, Lets see how it would sound a whole step lower., He said, No, lets keep it in this key., I said, Well, how about a half step lower., And he still said, No, keep it in this key!, And I said, Ron, I dont think I can physically do this., And he said, Oh, yes you can, and you will.. At age 6, his uncle gave him a Duane Eddy record and forever changed his life. . Movies / Media There is not a lot of information available about Tim Duncan, bass singer for the rock band Queen. 2002 Southern Gospel Quartet by Ernie Haase. He is best known as a member of the a cappella group Pentatonix, with whom he has won three Grammy Awards. StowTown Records Announces Upcoming Digital Release From Paid In Full With New Single Too Much, Pastor Jonathan Stockstill Invites Readers To Meet The Real Jesus In New Book Releasing May 4, Daywind Expands Publishing Relationship with Sue C. Smith, Tiffany Coburn Declares a Message of Hope with You Are More, Joseph Habedank Releases New Album, Change Is Coming, Beatitudes Album Featuring Industry-Leading Artists Releases April 21, LIFER, Awaited New Album From GRAMMY Nominated MercyMe, To Release On Mar. The songs on EVERY HALLELUJAH, produced by Garry Jones, hit straight in the heart. He asked Parris if he could take voice lessons from him. The band was together five years, releasing two albums and touring the U.S. several times. Mount. They have a strong track record of soulful ballads, catchy hooks, and strong vocals. Duncan was a member of the original lineup of the group, which formed in the early 1990s. He grew up in Anguilla Ione, a professional midwife, and William Duncan, a mason, both of whom immigrated to the United States. He performs as part of a new band called Canton Junction. The band was together five years, releasing two albums and touring the U.S. several times. Not traveling full-time has its obvious advantages, but working with the Hagees is great.Matt Hagee is a great guy to work for, Seaton shares. Tim Duncan recently launched a solo career. After several phone calls, prayer, and discussion with my wife I accepted the postion and thats when Canton Junction was born! In 2007, the group released several CDs, including the Dove Award-winning Get Away Jordan CD. Canton Junction, a group of country gospel singers based in San Antonio, Texas, performs at weddings and other functions. In the near future, Seaton hopes to hire an orchestra or backing band to interpret his music, but right now he only wants to help others interpret love and faith through his music.

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